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Christine Broduer

Visual Artist

Chris, a native Coloradoan, grew up roaming the mountains of Southern Colorado, where her family owned a small farm.

From birth she was exposed to art as her father was both an artist and an art teacher. She learned many things from him, mostly indirectly. His love of nature and of expressing himself through a variety of mediums encouraged her on her own path of discovery. Imagination and creativity are intricately woven into her personality as she manifests into being her many projects.

Although she specializes in oil paint portraiture, Chris loves a variety of making techniques in her artwork: from painting, to ceramics, fiber arts, and printmaking, to name a few. With a focus on the intimacies of life, the capture of a second of time or of things normally overlooked, she enjoys bringing both the viewer’s gaze and thoughts to a place that has not been previously visited.

Chris holds a Master's Degree in community Art Education from the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she lived for many years. She currently resides on Colorado's western slope.

Please enjoy this sample of some of Chris's artwork! 

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Below: Red Apron Celebration: Oil on Canvas Dimensions: 48" X 96"

Red Apron Celebration.jpg
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Creating portraits of our family members, our favorite people--and our favorite animals--is a heartfelt way to celebrate others.

Having a portrait, specially created just for you, hanging in a place of honor in your home is a gift that can never be replicated. It's often a gift that can bring you back to a special time or place, again and again.

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Other Painted Works

Painted Images of Places and Objects

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Other Things Chris has Created

Chris is an accomplished seamstress, and she often finds herself taking tailoring jobs, crocheting projects for friends, restoring quilts, creating tile murals for community organizations, etc. 

If you have an idea that needs an artist to bring it to life, contact Chris to help you out!

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Get a Quote

Thanks for your interest! Generally I charge $1.50 per square inch for painted works, but there is some wiggle room if you have a special circumstance.

I teach and I have quite a bit of experience working with groups (creating art journals or tile wall installations, for example). I am comfortable working in fabric (I have created custom quilts in the past), tile, watercolor, acrylics, oil paint, ceramics, etc.

In the comments below, please tell me about the work you would like done, including dimensions and media.

If you have an image you would like to share, please email it to me at or text me, if that's easier (520-370-7641).

Thanks for looking!

Thanks for submitting!

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